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Cheap Car Rental Deals at Kos Airport (KGS)

Rent a Car Online from Kos Airport

If traveling to any of the islands of Kos, Bodrum or surrounding areas by air then your flight is supposed to land at Kos Airport. From right outside the arrival area, pre-booked car rental for Kos Airport can be acquired from us to make the most of your stay here.

At Greece Car Rentals, we provide you with a secure online space. Not only are the online transactions secure but also, the booking details are easy to manage. Follow the 3-step process constituting search, select and book online with us and secure the car model and supplier of your choice. The cars are provided after a thorough comparison of market specifics so that your trip around Kos Airport turns out to be a memorable one.



The Greek Air Hub- An Overview!

The finely equipped Kos Airport (IATA- KGS) is located in close proximity of Kos town at around 16 miles to the south-west. It is a busy airport serving flights in Greece and other international destinations. The main airlines operating at Kos Island International Airport are – Adria Airways, Air Berlin, Astra Airlines, Jetairfly, Jat Airways, Ryanair, Thomson Airways, Viking Airlines, etc. It has now become one of the busiest airports in Greece wherefrom Kos Airport car rental can be pre-booked. It has two passenger terminals offering facilities of duty free shops, cafes, restrooms, restaurants, etc.

Kos itself is a beautiful engaging cityy close to the Kos Island which in recent year has become a popular tourist destination. Beautiful beaches and magnificent historical buildings make Kos Island a perfect place to spend a holiday. Travelers can book car rental from Kos Island International Airport with us to explore the attractive destinations around.

Places to Visit in Kos in Rental Car

The present and the past come together in Kos. Right from the rustic taverna to cosmopolitan cafe; there are several places hidden within its diverse landscapes. These can be easily visited in a rental car booked online with us in advance to your arrival. Here we cast a look at the must-visits in Kos.

Asklepieion– The ancient site is the most important of all on the island. It is situated on a pine-covered hill and consists of a sanctuary devoted to the god of healing.

Castle of the Knights– The castle can be reached by crossing the bridge over Finikon. It was built in 14th-century and restored again in 16th century. It is of immense historic value.

Kos Town Beaches– To the east of the town lies Kos Town Beach that has a thin strip of deep water and sand to assist n swimming. It has a line-up of hotels and restaurants.

Ancient Agora– It is an open sites to the south of Castle of Knights. It is very well complemented by the Temple of Hercules and the Shrine of Aphrodite.