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Rent a Car for Preveza at Cheap Prices

Getting around Preveza in a Rental Car

Pick the most suitable rental car on your trip to Preveza and travel comfortably in the beautiful locales of this city. At Greece Car Rentals, we provide you with a wide selection of cars available under different segments. The cars are well-maintained and thoroughly tested by the experts of our suppliers to check for any technical faults. The cars are also fully-insured so that in case a mishappening or an accident takes place, you are not at all required to pay any extra bucks as coverage for damage.
Preveza is a Greek town situated in Ambracian gulf in northwestern Greece. This place is truly a heaven for nature lovers, thus, booking a car rental for Preveza online with us is recommended so that you can plan your trip at your own convenience. In fact, advance booking for long term rentals is suggested so that you can stay back for more time. Moreover, you can save money this way by choosing from multiple options and book the cheapest rental car that best meets your needs. This Greek town is today a modern city with many historical monuments and landmarks to explore including fortresses and ancient ruins of five cities surrounding Preveza with car rental.


The Places of Interest in Preveza

  • The beautiful fort of St. Andrew belonging to Venetian period is a must-visit here.
  • Another attraction is the St. George castle facing Ionian Sea.
  • St. Andrew’s Castle, Pantokrator Fortress and fortresses in Azio are other key sights to drive to.
  • Nearby attractions also include the ruins of Nicopolis located at a distance of 7 kilometers from the city. Other city ruins to be explored comprise Venrencie, Elatria, Trikastron and Kassope.

Besides these ancient places, there is a lot more for the adventure enthusiasts at the long line-up of beaches here. So, rent a car for Preveza online at easy to use booking engine and drive to your favorite destination.

Beaches in Preveza

The list of eminent beaches in the city includes Kiani Akti, which is a beautiful sandy beach. Other clean beaches are Monolithi, Kastrosikia, Mitikas, Alonaki Prevezas, Ligia and Ammoudia amongst others. So, set sailing for a beautiful cherished experience in Preveza.