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Rental Cars for Ioannina - Book For Convenience

Get Rental Car for Convenience in Ioannina

Built on the bank of Lake Pamvotis, Ioannina is a vibrant city located around the lake Pamvotida. On a journey to this magical land, renting a car is one wise alternative to explore the naturally beautiful settings. The city boasts of a bygone era that can be best experienced at its notable attractions. And, booking a car rental for Ioannina in advance only adds to the traveling convenience.

At Greece Car Rentals, we provide you with a trusted, simplified and secure booking platform. Offered in alliance with leading suppliers, the services are best-in-class. Here, you pay in the currency of your choice, your personal information shared while booking is kept safe and cars are very well-maintained after thorough testing by experts of suppliers for any technical faults. When renting a car for Ioannina, you can place advance booking which can be cancelled later on depending upon change of schedule. Bookings cancelled 24 hours before pick-up do not involve any deduction.


On a Well-Spent Journey to Ioannina

Ioannina has lot to offer ranging from numerous historical buildings and monuments to breathtaking landscapes. The most famous attraction of Ioannina is the small island on Lake Pamvotis. This island has around six monasteries with the most famous being the monastery of Agios Panteleimon which is now converted into a museum exhibiting the paintings of Ali Pasha.

Those interested in art and tradition, must visit the Archaeological Museum of Ioannina and the Byzantine Museum. This city has a wide collection of shops selling silver jewelry and unique antiques. You could even book car rental in Ioannina from us and explore the village of Perama situated just outside the Ioannina city.

Gastronomy in Ioannina

Besides scenic pleasures, the gastronomic delights are also very well catered to in the city. Travelers can relish local and numerous Greek delicacies like black olives, honeyed figs and the famous sesame-covered pastelli at the World-class restaurants. ‘Sker bourek’ is also worth tasting. Do try the alcohol-free liqueur, which is made only in Ioannina.

How to Reach Ioannina in Rental Car

It has a very well organized road network. So, you can acquire car rental for Ioannina online from us and travel within the city. From Thessaloniki, it takes 3 hours via Egnatia Highway. From Athens, you can travel via Patras to Ioannina.